Collar bag for dog tag 35x35mm

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Collar pockets for collar, lead and harness H/W 35x35mm in 5 colours. For all common control marks with diameters up to 28x28mm. WITHOUT collar, dog and tax stamps!


Clip color selectable     

additional slot on the back for address and telephone number     

side label "PHONE inside!"     

Quilted front with leather thread     

velcro fastener     

High quality material     

double glued     

water resistant     

in the slot on the back is enough space for additional brands, such. For example, vaccination brands     

Quilted on soft, transparent PVC     

easy care     

Weight about 4 g     

Overall size clip: 35x115mm



Clip: Synthetic leather coated cotton knitwear made of 83% PVC and 17% cotton. The material is abrasion-resistant, lightfast, resistant to bending, colourfast, resistant to mould, with antibacterial effect and flame-retardant finish.

Velcro: Polyamide, with high closing and opening cycle (50% loss after 10,000 cycles).

Underlay: soft, flexible PVC (polyvinyl chloride) - Transparent film made of PVC resin: UV-resistant (1000-sun hour test), rot-resistant, dirt-repellent, water-repellent, waterproof, temperature-resistant, high tear strength.


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