Necklace bag combi-clip embroidered for dog tags

Necklace bag combi-clip embroidered for dog tags

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- Collar bag for dog harness with desired name embroidered in large or small font selectable     

- Embroidery thread color and clip color selectable     

- embroidered with viscose yarn     

- Quilted front with leather contrasting thread     

- Sliding compartment on the back for additional brands, address and telephone number      side label "PHONE inside!"     

- velcro fastener     

- High quality material     

- double glued     

- waterproof (without address box in the inner compartment)     

- Quilted on soft, transparent PVC     

- easy care     

- Weight approx. 12 g     

- Length of the clip varies depending on the width and length of the name: 90 - 110mm      also the height of the embroidered name can vary due to the length     

- Overall dimensions clip: H 75-120mm x W 90-110mm


Clip: Synthetic leather coated cotton knitwear made of 83% PVC and 17% cotton. The material is abrasion-resistant, lightfast, resistant to bending, colourfast, resistant to mould, with antibacterial effect and flame-retardant finish.

Velcro: Polyamide, with high closing and opening cycle (50% loss after 10,000 cycles). pad: PVC transparent film (polyvinyl chloride) made of PVC resin: UV-resistant (1000-sun hour test), rot-retardant, dirt-repellent, water-repellent, waterproof, temperature-resistant, high tear strength

Embroidery thread: 100% viscose


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