About the emergence of "an idea that does good!"

My Labrador Cora and I were a team. We travelled to America and lived in Canada for a while. Your loss was very painful. So I was looking for something meaningful that should distract me from pain and at the same time be something good. In this search for "an idea that does good", I invented collars. The small lightweights with a useful aspect were so popular with my dog friends that I decided to produce a whole range. Meanwhile they are available in many colours and in all common sizes for tax stamps, address and telephone number.

Not unmentioned are the many helpers and motivating people around me who actively support me. A big thank you for that. Also my customers, who surprise me again and again with great pictures, are here naturally also completely cordially thanked.

One final remark: Only a dog lover can understand the pain of losing a dog, man's most loyal friend. I will keep my beloved Cora in my heart forever. But the loss has also had a positive effect and can support many dogs in need through the sale of the clips and the donations. Also for this a big thank you to all my customers who make this support possible.

Birgit Dörfel

"We cannot accomplish great things - only small, but with great love." (Mother Teresa, 1910-1997)