Neckband bags embroidered with loops buy here!

The material from which our Collar bags are made feels not only good, because it is made of 17% cotton and 83% PVC, it is also particularly robust and easy to care for.

Numerous properties, such as light, color, mold resistant, antibacterial effect, as well as flame retardant equipment make our neckband pockets especially high quality.

The velcro closure made of 100% nylon with a high closure cycle and the backing of soft, transparent PVC make the clip moveable and easy to maintain. This makes it easy to clean the neckband pockets with a damp, soapy sponge and clear water, even when dirty.

Embroidery 100% viscose and loop 100% polyester.

By the way, there is enough space in the slot on the back of the Neckband Bag to accommodate the address, telephone number and additional brands (with the label "PHONE inside!").

A rubber on the back as additional security and also in bath in the lake is no problem for the clip. Light weight: approx. 8 g. (WITHOUT dog tag, dog, and collar).

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Collar bag embroidered with loop

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Collars pocket embroidered

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