Nylon tracker bag for GPS Kippy Evo, in many colours!

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Price incl. VAT, plus delivery tracker bag specially designed by for the GPS transmitter Kippy Evo 60x40x20mm (see picture). WITHOUT collar, tracker, dog!

(NOT a product of the tracker manufacturer!)

This tracker bag can be used for romping and swimming and holds the GPS transmitter securely on the collar or harness with two fasteners.

The high-quality Velcro fastener and additional panic fastener allow the bag to be attached to the collar or harness.

harness up to a width of 50mm.

It has two inner compartments: one under the fleece and one behind Velcro with a 1mm thick PVC cover.

It also comes with an address box and a rubberised "PHONE inside!" notice label on the side.

The bag is in the colour of your choice on the outside and black on the inside.

The complete bag is made of tightly woven nylon fabric and sewn with leather thread.

The tracker is inserted under a 50mm wide, tension-proof rubber. Weight approx. 25 g,

Care instructions and instructions for use are enclosed.

Overall dimensions: ca.63x175mm, depending on the chosen width.

Material: medium-weight oxford fabric - PVC coated
- 60% PVC, 40% Polyester 
- complies with DIN EN 71-3
- waterproof
- extremely tear-resistant and hard-wearing
- weatherproof, dirt-repellent
- opaque

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