Collar Harness XS PUP Softharness embroidered

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Small nappa leather collar bag by for dog tags up to size 33x45mm, also suitable for Hundeperso.

Overall dimensions: 52x125mm. (WITHOUT dog, harness and dog tags).

To attach to harness and collar. Is very good for small dogs, as it is very soft and light (9 g). Holds very well on soft harnesses.

The collar bag is weatherproof but NOT suitable for swimming.

Is closed on the front. Two inner compartments: 1x leather, 1x PVC.

Velcro fastener and side fabric label "PHONE inside!".

Inner compartment PVC: (polyvinyl chloride made of PVC resin, UV-resistant, anti-caking, dirt-repellent, water-repellent, waterproof, temperature-resistant, high breaking strength).

Upper: Rindanillinleder, pollutant-free according to German laws.

This collar bag we also embroidered by name. They can be found in the category clips embroidered or leather.

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