Clips with rivets

Neckband Bags with rivets in many colors buy here!

Neckband Bags with rivets in many colors buy here!

Finally on the road without a hitch: High-quality, elaborately processed neckband collar by® (WITHOUT collar and control marks!), © Copyright.

Total width of the sleeve / clip: Width - 30mm Height: 90mm x 80-90mm Width - 35mm Height: 105mm x 80-100mm Width - 40mm Height: 120mm x 80-110mm Width (width may vary slightly due to the length of the name).

Further details Collars clip:

Inside compartment for tax stamps, address and telephone number.

Side indicator "PHONE inside!" in light color. Front with leather contrasting thread, tear-resistant on flexible, soft, transparent PVC.

Double glued, easy to clean, weatherproof.

Flat head rivet Dimensions: head diameter 9mm, length 7.8mm. Material: Iron, color nickel.

Velcro closure with high closure and opening cycle: after 10,000 cycles 50% loss.

The embroidered material is abrasion resistant, light, flexed, colorfast, mold resistant, with antibacterial effect and flame retardant finish. Material: embroidery: 100% viscose, embroidered material: 83% PVC and 17% cotton, coated with artificial leather, velcro closure: woven polyamide, underlay: PVC.

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Necklace pocket embroidered with rivets

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