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Finally on the road without a tinkling sound!

High-quality, elaborately crafted collar bag from josi. li® (WITHOUT collar and dog!).

Overall dimensions Protective covers/clips: 25mm height: 75mm x 60-70mm width - 30mm height: 90mm x 60-70mm width - 35mm height: 105mm x 70-80mm width - 40mm height: 120mm x 70-90mm width (width may vary slightly due to the length of the name).

More details Necklace bag:

Inside compartment for tax stamp, address and telephone number

Front side stitched with leather contrasting thread on soft, flexible, transparent PVC. The whole clip is sewn with leather thread.

Double-bonded, easy to clean, weatherproof.

Velcro fastener with high closing and opening cycle: 50% loss after 10,000 cycles.

The embroidered material is abrasion-resistant, lightfast, bend-proof, colourfast, mould resistant, antibacterial and flame-retardant.

Article will be made for you!

Material specifications:

Embroidery: 100% viscose.

embroidered material: cotton knitted fabric covered with imitation leather made of 83% PVC and 17% cotton.

Velcro fastener: woven polyamide, Underlay: PVC.

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